Naturelle Audio


Nobody contests the benefit of fine cables in a music system. The search for the good cable is a tricky pathway. Many tries, lots of deceptions.

Naturelle Audio® is born to escape this trap: to loose time listening to the cables instead of music.

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What a music cable should do ?

  • Dissapear for the benefit of music, avoid any repetitive coloration.
  • Give rightness to the tonal balance, respect the harmonic decay giving the true color to the instruments and the voices.
  • Give veracity, precision and coherence to the soundstaging.
  • Respect any level variation without making artificial shift for micro and macrodynamics.
  • Offer lots of details and never be analytic.
  • Separate perfectly the melodic lines whatever music complexity.
  • Follow the rythm for a life like and natural flow of music.
  • Let subtilities of music that give emotion travel unchanged.
  • At last serve audio gear, discs, and the artists.

At Naturelle Audio® we are taking the pledge to follow those rules. If your current cabling does not, change.