Naturelle Audio

Live series products design - NATURELLE AUDIO

The Live series share technical principles:

  • Parallels conductors isolated from vibration
  • Ultra low resistance grounding
  • Litz topology for hot wires, protective geometry for the signal
  • No metallic shielding used
  • Conductors made of copper and silver plated copper
  • Different insulation materials , foam PE, PTFE, Polyimide (KAPTON®)
  • Proprietary surface treatment that helps group conduction for all Naturelle Audio® cables

RCA connectors from XHADOW corp.

These connectors use silver plated copper. They represent for Naturelle audio® the best choice. They exhibit excellent contact quality with any female rca connector, they are built to very high standard and will last for years. It offers a continuity in materials for the signal path (copper and silver). Most of all they sound exquisite, rich harmonics retrieval, real silences not fake ones, lots of details, and impressive behaviour on the Forte.

XLR connectors from NEUTRIK®

Here we use a special version of the already regarded FX series from NEUTRIK®. It features golden pins, special low resistance contact (lower than usual FX series) and velvet chromium coating for the body. Naturelle Audio® balanced cables match either american or european standard. Of course linking two different pining standards inverts phase. To link for example american player to some european standard amplifier, you need a special cable. Please ask for special requirement, custom made solutions are possible.

The Solder

It is a special solder that uses tin copper and silver. It is ROHS compliant. The copper amount plays a great role on overall soldering quality. Thus many silver solders have been used and listened, but even the 10% silver solders sounded congested versus our solder. Big amount of silver does not make wonders everytime…