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Live series digital interconnect - NATURELLE AUDIO

Naturelle Audio live series digital cable is made of 2 parallels conductors 20 AWG each for signal and grounding. Main conductor is silver plated extra pure copper KAPTONŽ insulated. It is shielded with a silver copper braid and PTFE over it. Our proprietary surface treatment is then applied.

Very thin KAPTONŽ insulation helps the cable to resonate at very high frequencies (GHz), thus it does not alter digital pulse.

The result is a very neutral cable, lifelike and true to the music.

It offers to your system the real qualities of digital, for hifi or home theater. It extracts subtilities in the music, real instrument color, intentions of musicians and emotions. Great cable at decent price.

Digital Live series is available in S/PDIF with RCA connectors. (1)

(1) Other connectors on request.

Audio Digital cable Live series from NATURELLE AUDIO Focus on connectors and metal braid