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Live 2 series analog interconnect cables - NATURELLE AUDIO

Historically they are the first series from Naturelle Audio®.

This serie offer very clean sound and some order in the musical reproduction. Soundstaging is wide and deep. Music flows literally. This is obvious with very old recoding, where the mechanical character of some recording simply dissapears, and the surface or the tape noise appears on a different layer from the musical content. It offers excellent lisibility.

Like any Naturelle Audio® cable there is a lot of details but they are integrated in a global presentation, avoiding any analytical effect. No harshness, no listening fatigue. The different melodic lines are easy to listen without effort for the listener.

No part of the sonic spectrum is presented with emphasis. Doing this there is no sytematic coloration, even pleasant one, added to the recordings.

Sonic bandwith is very large and helps the being there sensation with very good ambiance retrieval. Live 2 series has a silky sound, sweet and elegant, shiny and velvet like.

Recommended burn in time: 70-90 hours

Because of their large gauge design, NATURELLE AUDIO® cables are quite stiff at the ends and doesn’t like excessive twisting (max 120° for 1 meter). Therefore it is recommended, to avoid connector breaking, to get a cable long enough to have a security margin.

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