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Live 4 series analog interconnect cables - NATURELLE AUDIO

This is our current top of the line. Here we uses exceptionnal quality wiring. The Live 4 series add more air and more life to the already very fine live 2 series.

There is more details always very well integrated. Soundstaging appears to be life like, transporting the listener to some other places. The most complex melodic lines are played with autority and naturalness. No headache expected. Dynamics has no limitation, and add freedom and ease to the musical flow.

Live 4 series are free from sonic signature, no sonic bandwith limit. Instruments are embodied, with a flesh comparable to real life. Voices are true, unveiled and emotionnaly authentic. The holographic 3D presentation helps the materialisation offered by the live 4 series.

Recommended burn in time: 40-50 hours.

Because of their large gauge design, NATURELLE AUDIO® cables are quite stiff at the ends and doesn’t like excessive twisting (max 120° for 1 meter). Therefore it is recommended, to avoid connector breaking, to get a cable long enough to have a security margin.

Analog interconnect cable NATURELLE AUDIO Live 4 series RCA connectors of high quality audio cable Live 4 series