Naturelle Audio

"An openness that none of the other cables had..."

I had the fortunate pleasure of a few week visit in my system of Naturelle products from France. When it first arrived in the box, I sensed the weight is little heavy for just two pair of balanced cable. Upon checking into and later learned that the total thickness of the cable is close to 6 awg. Wow... However, Jean, the manufacturer explained that the wire is designed in a way that sonically it will have the speed, transient, extensions, detail and attack of silver but also the warmth and body of copper.

The Naturelle took almost 2 weeks to be fully cooked up. And once it is broken in, it turns itself into a different cable altogether and the difference is truly night and day. When I first got these cables, they sound ok and I didn’t pay particular attention to them. However, about a week later, I was stunned that Naturelle just transformed my system totally. According to the Manufacturer, that is because of the design and mass conductor used in the Naturelle. It was not until 2 weeks later did I started seriously auditioning Naturelle. I first introduced one naturelle IC at the source (DAC to preamp) which dramatically improved the sound. Adding another pair between preamp and amp amplified was just magical. I must stress that no other interconnect has improved the sound of my system as much as the Naturelle.

When I hooked up the first Naturelle, it was like POW! A big, bold sound with a huge soundstage. There was an openness that none of the other cables had. That openness made other cables sound closed in, hooded, restricted, choked off. The Transparent Ref XL was no longer in my possession, but my sonic memory would say it possessed some of this openness, but was not the equal of the Naturelle.

Dynamics were explosive. Yet, there were detail and naturalness that I never heard with any wire in my experience. This detail was very well sorted and separated and the naturalness was presented so smoothly that I finally found myself enjoying listening to music instead of CABLES. No constriction, no resistance, no roll off, no image bunching. This wire makes you listen, riveting you to your seat.

Voices sound more coherent and real than any cable I have heard. They have, again, an openness to their sound. And a coherence to all the elements comprising a human voice. Pianos sound more like pianos. They have a larger sonority and more realisitic image size and presentation. Cymbals and percussion are much better sorted out and spread out. You can hear the various elements of their sound more easily and naturally. There is no roll off, but there is no steely brightness, and certainly no thinness.

The bass is powerful and full. If you have the woofers and the power behind them, you'll have the capability of creating a shear wall of sound with the guts behind it to shake you and the room. However, I'm not talking about sloppy, bloated bass; rather, a powerful, controlled bass with perhaps a touch of richness -- as fine a combination as you could desire. The dynamics and sheer authority of the Naturelle's bass extend to the rest of the sonic spectrum, and make it hard to go back to listening to other wire, which sounds wimpy and weak-legged in comparison.

Brass of all sorts, single and massed, sound 3-dimensional with all of their complexities of timbre and harmonics completely and correctly sorted out and lined up. Trumpets, trombones, French horns, saxophones all have a full bloom that stretches out in front of you in 3D fashion.

I will close by saying that no wire has made such a large difference in my system. I have heard less improvement with many component upgrades than I have with this wire. No wire has produced such a coherent, large, dynamic, holographic, 3D presentation as the Naurelle, and done so without sounding artificial or overetched.

Does that mean the Naturelle is considerably and noticeably superior to many cables ? A resounding yes. Does that mean it reaches perfection ? No. Nothing does. No preamp, no amp, no speaker, no unit of audio reproduction is. The least perfect in the audio chain is often our recordings. All these things we grasp for are relative, and change with components and source material.

Product Weakness

Compared to silver, a slight loss of ultimate transparency and detail.

Product Strengths

Big, bold, detailed, incredible separation and delineation. First rate bass, midrange and treble.